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New approach to the active longevity

New approach to the active longevity

Chairperson of the Board of Regional public organization for promotion of the new information technologies “KIT Club”, Full member of the European Science Academy, practicing psychologist Savushkina E.O.

Are there any people living on this Earth who don’t wish to prolong their life? Naturally all of us (or almost all of us) would like to live as long as possible. The question is how to live. Would we like to become a helpless creature that is a burden to the self and the others? Naturally, the answer is an unequivocal No! Clearly, one is speaking not simply of a long life, but of the life that is healthy, active, creative and certainly well-provided for.
Why then a large percentage of people of 55+ find themselves replaced, quickly lose their health and go before their time?

In our opinion, it happens because the majority of the people don’t know the real causes that result in this reprehensible state of things.
We suggest a new approach to longevity. And we hope that this approach would help and solve this problem.

At present the increasing number of scientists and researchers come to realize that the vital functions of the human body are based on information processes. It logically follows that the optimal level of informational homeostasis in a human body ensures the normal life that is healthy in all respects. On the other hand, the defects and glitches in the transfer of informational signals that are constantly formed transmitted and received by our body lead to the decline in the self-regulation and self-repair abilities, immunity impairment and result in the deterioration of the adaptation and protection functions. This leads to premature aging.

At the present stage of the humanity development this problem becomes especially urgent. Many scientists believe that besides the well-publicized aspects of ecologic disaster there exists one more aspect that has not been sufficiently appreciated, i.e. an informational catastrophe. The reasons are many, but among the weightiest one is the technological development of the humanity that resulted in an unexpected but inevitable result, viz., informational chaos in the Earth’s noosphere.

This causes the disruption of the most complex information links at various levels of the human vital functions. Unfortunately, the glitches in the informational processes tend to be cumulative. While a young organism has relative success in dealing with the situation, after a certain age a person has few resources for this. This is why we consider it so important to understand the present situation: primarily because it would enable us to gradually stop this pathological process thus preventing its destructive consequences.

It is the new understanding of processes both within a human body and in the environment that gives us these prospects.

Nowadays it is evident that all material objects without exception (and man should be considered as such an object) possess information-energy field structures. Moreover, these structures (life field, aura) can be reliably registered by various devices. In Russia the most commonly used ones are those based on gas discharge visualization, Korotkov’s GDV-chambers.
In connection with this we are interested by the methods that could promote the restoration and conservation of human life forces and health and prolong an active and creative life.

For the last 10 years the development and promotion of one of these technologies were the aim of the INFOTECH Laboratory, Limited (Russia). The main concept is the harmonization of energoinfromational component of the environment or, in other words, the reduction of its chaotization. This in its turn create the situation where it is possible to recreate a normal energoinformational interaction of the human body and its environment which results in the homeostasis restoration.

This concept was realized in the products of the INFOTECH Laboratory, i.e. in bio-resonance pictographic energoinformational modulators that are based on the action of coordinated informationally active pictograms.

In 10 years the Laboratory created a number of modulators that became classic in their particular sphere of application: Briz-3, Briz-4, Briz-7 (Breeze), KIT-4, Rodnik (Spring), Osminog (Octopus), etc. Special attention is given to the research that is conducted by leading specialists and with the help of modern medical diagnostic techniques.

All modulators of the INFOTECH Laboratory have a number of common characteristics and are primarily meant for the reestablishment of normal energoinformational interaction of the human body and the environment and are aimed at correction of the field structures (life field) of the person and protection against the various negative field effects. This results in the condition that are favorable for the activation of the body inner reserves that take part in the self-regulation and self-repair processes.

Considerable work experience and constant studies allow asserting that the interaction with the modulator substantially changes person’s quality of life enhancing immunity, adaptability, mental and physical stamina, stress resistance and improving psycho-emotional status. This is especially important for the middle-aged and elderly who lack inner resources for inner balance maintenance.

Thus it is the modulators of the INFOTECH Laboratory that provide the remarkable potential to create the basis for the extension of the fruitful life of man, and our results fully confirm it.

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