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Energy - Modulators Infotech, main

1. Club of Informational Technologies

Club KIT is a regional non-governmental organization.

For over eight years the Club has collected thousands of people sharing the same opinions and beliefs. The goal that united them is the search for ways to improve the quality of all the aspects of life.

Infotech Laboratory, being the Club’s main partner, designs instrumental means to protect people from negative impact of pathogenic radiation and to reconstruct their informational balance with the environment.

In our club you can always have a tasty tea and hearty reception, find friends and meet interesting people.

2. Infotech Lab and its works.

Infotech Lab works out energy-informational modulators that are packages of information active pictograms, that is drawings consisting of sophisticated set of symbols and geometrical figures.

The Lab’s eniomodulators can be referred as the means for improvement of man’s ecology that help reconstruct his bio-field by use of harmonization of info-energetic system environment.

For over the eight years the Infotech Lab has worked out a series of eniomodulators that have become canonical samples in this area: Breeze-3, Breeze-4, Fakel (Torch), Nymph, Centaur, Tigris, Svyatogor, KIT-4, Breeze-7 and Octopus. However, they are in a process of constant development in terms of improvement of their protection features, design and functional abilities.

The Lab is constantly working on new modifications of eniomodulators. A huge amount of attention is paid to the research, where leading specialists and modern medical diagnostics are involved.

All the modulators of the Lab are used, first of all, to provide conditions for correction of man’s bio-field and its protection in unfavorable environment.

Their usage improves general adaptation abilities of organism, which leads to:
- higher immunity;
- improvement of psycho-emotional statement and resistance to psychological loads;
- increase of mental and physical capacities and endurance;
- shorter terms of restoration after diseases, stresses, injuries, mental and physical overloads.

In the meantime, each modulator has its own specifications, which allows everybody to choose a modulator individually.

3. Breeze-3

This is the most universal eniomodulator of the laboratory. Breeze-3 creates conditions for even and consistent reconstruction of man’s organism by restoring info-energetic exchange with the environment. As a result, adaptation abilities of organism become higher, psycho-emotional and physical states improve. Gradually, a man gets an opportunity to change the life quality.

4. Breeze-4

First of all, Breeze-4 is oriented onto resolving the problems of physical body. Improvement of internal energy exchange and consistence processes in the aerial and physical bodies lies in the basis of changes going on during interaction with Breeze-4. The tasks that Breeze-4 helps resolve can be of different qualities: speeding up heeling both injuries and chronic diseases.

The Breeze-4 is perfect as a complementary instrument for patients with heart diseases and this is supported by clinical research.

5. Torch (Fakel)

The Torch pays special attention to setting up order in man’s mental sphere, firstly, in its insensitive area.
If willing the Torch helps man refuse those actions, deeds and habits that the man thinks are incorrect or unpleasant but cannot get rid of. These might be different bad habits (alcohol, smoking, overeating, etc.) or states like fear, anxiety, obsession by a destructive idea, etc.
Many of these states are socially imposed behavior stereotypes. The real reasons are often hidden in the depths of human psycho. However, strong intention to eliminate defects and reach the end of the process of self-transformation allows to increase effectiveness of interaction with the Torch drastically and achieve significant positive results.

As a result, there appears the feeling of confidence and understanding that you are the master of your own fate.

6. Nymph

Helps man set emotional sphere to order.
As a result, the man’s attitude towards the environment is getting more positive. Anxiety, fears and agitation disappear. The number of uncontrolled reactions decreases. The feelings of psychological security and comfort appear which diminishes stress. Results:
- better interaction with surrounding people;
- peaceful conflict resolution;
- resolution of loneliness problem.

Wall Nymph is the second modification of the modulator. Designed in a format A4 poster.

Purpose – creation of a favorable psycho-emotional atmosphere (“love field”) in living and working spaces. Its presence in premises helps decrease psychological tension and eliminates negative emotional manifestations both in families and other groups.

7. Tigris.

Nowadays, large cities resident miss interaction with the Earth energetic and the nature. It seems like they live in a geo-pathogenic zone. And this zone is not of natural origin but artificial.

The Tigris is perfect neutralization of destructive influence of geo-pathogenic radiation and elimination of thin field anomalies of different origin. As a result, man’s harmonic interaction with the environment improves even in the conditions of large cities. The Tigris will be your good friend during frequent moves. It helps adapt quickly to a new environment.

8. Centaur.

Helps man set his organism’s energy into order. The process of balancing always starts with a subsystem that is in the most unfavorable energy-information state. Redistribution of energy is going on in a way that enforcement of weak systems is accompanied by weakening of over-tensed ones.

The Centaur also helps get in the environment quicker while energy-informational conditions change, i.e. traveling or changing residence.

9. Svyatogor.

Analogue of the Breeze-3 that works with higher effectiveness. Results of interaction with the Svyatogor may be more significant in all displays, including physical body. The intensity of processes can be regulated either on the level of thought wish or with limited terms of interaction with this modulator.

A man with the Svyatogor receives a nice opportunity to achieve completeness of his felings.

10. Pilot.

Designed, first of all, to make decision making in extreme situations or uncertainty easier. Interaction with the modulator leads to:
- sharpening of attention and intuition;
- increase of concentration, physical working abilities and endurance;
- decrease of tension in stressful situations.

That is why the Pilot is recommended to professionals whose activities need special concentration – drivers, flyers, miners, etc.

11. Spring (Rodnik).

Oriented, first of all, to set up liquid spheres of organism (intercellular liquids, blood, lymph, etc) into order.
Results in:
- normalizing exchange processes;
- activating processes of throwing slag out on each level up to cellular;
- increasing organism abilities of self-regulation and self-restoration.
This leads to significant improvement of man’s physical state and increase of his adaptation abilities.

12. Breeze-7.

The Lab’s most powerful modulator. It has a wide spectrum of action. Permanent usage of the Breeze-7 leads to:
- elimination of negative impacts of toxic substances present in food and drinks;
- alteration of consumption qualities of food and drinks: better taste, higher biological value, longer consumption terms;
- taking negative information off any subjects;
- providing energy-informational cleaning of premises, which helps man’s bio-field restore and protection properties increase;
- improving the work of all systems of man’s organism.
The Breeze-7 structures water very well and makes its energetic specifications better.

13. Kitchen Spring.

The Breeze-7’s younger brother. Designed in an A4 or A5 format plate. Its advantage – work with any liquids. Wherever you are, this modulator will clean any food, drinks making their taste better.

14. KIT-4

Assigned to protect from negative field factors of the environment by creating a comfortable info-energetic environment around the man.

First of all, this brings to restoration of normal info-energetic exchange in man’s organism on all levels and, as a result, to restoration of his bio-field parameters. Results in:
- better functioning of heart-vessel system;
- higher immune status;
- more active protection and restoration mechanisms in organism.
KIT class modulators are of three types. Each type has its own specifications:
“Rose” – resolves interpersonal relations problems;
“Yellow” – intensifies processing and assimilating of large volumes of information;
“Blue” – fortifies in general and helps self-control improve.

The KIT-4 provides only comfortable regimes of organism reconstruction! This allows to recommend it to children, pregnant women (favorable conditions for embryo development) and people with weak health.

15. Octopus.

Designed to protect from negative influence of electronic devices.
Permanent presence near sources of electro-magnetic radiation destroys man’s bio-field, oppresses immune status, deteriorates heart-vessel system and damages organism’s protective functions.

Using the ability to restore the structure of the space the Octopus eliminates the so-called “energy-informational dirt” around the source of electro-magnetic radiation and, thus, blocks its negative impact on a man. Result – improvement of all the functions of organism, which is supported by the research.

It is known that our beloved mobile phones influence on us unfavorably. This is where the Octopus is a rescue squad for everyone.

The Octopus is designed in a form of self-adhesive application which makes its installation onto the sources of radiation easier without damaging their look.

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