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Enio-modulator Breeze-S

Enio-modulator “Breeze-S”

Breeze-S is one of the latest products of Infotech Lab which possesses some special qualities. Its extraordinary “intellect” allows Breeze-S demonstrate its unique capabilities in a wide range of interaction with its owner.

On the one hand, it is ideal for people not experienced in working with such devices and therefore not expecting more than ensuring a minimum set of protecting, health-improving and harmonizing functions. In such a situation, a person will at least start feeling better physically and emotionally, which is bound to happen sooner or later (for each person this time is individual).
For advanced users who are able to consciously work with the modulator and who know what they want from this interaction, Breeze-S provides multifold possibilities.

The common property of all Infotech Lab’s modulators is that they all contribute to the restoration of the energoinformational exchange between a person and the environment in which he or she lives (General properties of the modulators). As a result, the field structures of a person (aura) get into shape and the body opens up to new possibilities for interaction with this environment, namely, with those resources that were previously inaccessible due to disturbances in the energoinformational metabolism.
Naturally, we need to know how people can use these additional possibilities acquired after interaction with the modulator. How to make the process of restructuring, which will definitely start on the background of changed to the best energoinformational conditions of the surrounding space, pass as gently as possible and without exacerbations. Of course, those whose body has a relatively high adaptive capacity and normal immune system, cope with this task quite easily and, most likely, without much feeling it. Simply one day they will feel that the quality of their life in many ways have changed for the better.

Those who have lower adaptive capabilities and weaker immunity, may experience some discomfort during the process of restructuring, which is expressed in the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Today, almost every reasonable person understands that without the exacerbation there is no cure, but not everyone is willing to tolerate it.

In this case, Breeze-S, as no one else, will put everything in its place. This modulator is designed in such a way that it will not allow its owner get from the environment more than his or her body is able to safely take in, process and assimilate at a given time.

We can say that Breeze-S has an acute “sense of proportion” and therefore sets a kind of restraint device, optimizing access to the energoinformational resources of the surrounding space for a specific individual. This creates conditions for gradual assimilation by the body of the opening up new capabilities. As a result, the bio-field is being restored, and the functionality and adaptive capabilities of the body are increased.

While a person copes with solution of various tasks with the help of Breeze-S, the “bar” will gradually rise, opening up new and new perspectives.

How quickly this process will go depends on the “initial conditions”, i.e. the state of the organism at the beginning of interaction and, of course, the specific person – to what extent he / she was ready to change.
In connection with this property of Breeze-S, one shouldn't worry about exacerbations. Breeze-S will see to it that the body of its owner will master new capabilities step by step, following the principle «slow but sure». This is the first and perhaps the main feature of Breeze-S.

Sometimes, at the very beginning of interaction with EMs one shouldn’t apply mental interaction with EMs, especially if you are on duty. Of course, nothing bad will happen, because in any case, all the tuning processes are controlled by the control structures of the organism. The only concern here is that people wouldn’t experience physical discomfort, caused by an exacerbation, during performance of their official duties.
The second feature of Breeze-S is related to those who are sufficiently prepared to work with such devices and are able to meaningfully interact with them, who clearly knows what he / she wants from such interaction.

Such a person with the help of Breeze-S can boldly tackle almost any actual task related not only to improving physical health, emotional state, but also to improving the quality of life in all its aspects:

∙ improve relationships with others;
∙ stabilize the emotional state in stressful or emergency situations;
∙ search for new paths and directions of self-realization;
∙ solve tasks of social adaptation (money, job, apartment, etc.);
∙ provide a person with energoinformational resources to achieve a selected goal;
∙ and much more.

We emphasize once again that in order to achieve all the above goals, the owner of this modulator is required to work with it at the conscious level. This is especially true of the tasks to change their social status. In this case, the Breeze-S in something akin to the EM Unicorn.

Summary: a prepared person using properly organized interaction with the EM Breeze-S has an opportunity, in the figurative expression of Lao-Tzu, “to find the fullness of his /her properties”, which opens in front of him her unlimited prospects for development in any sphere of life and activity.
In conclusion, let us say a few words about the main features of enio-modulators of Infotech Lab.

With Infotech Lab’s EMs a person receives not only protection from negative field effects on the environment and the organism, but also, and that is, in our opinion, most important, he / she gets the chance to their own development – opening up of their creative abilities, getting aware of their hidden reserves, the possibility of creative self-realization, etc.
Today, a prepared person understands that protection against external negativity is not in creating of an impenetrable energoinformational cocoon (especially since this is impossible because we are all open systems), but in changing oneself – above all, his or her own attitude to life, to the environment and other people, to the animals, nature, planet, universe. In short, to change the aggressive and consumptive worldview to the one based on concepts of Patience, Love, Understanding, Compassion, Giving.
For a prepared person just passive protection nowadays ceases to be attractive, as it limits the possibilities for development, especially if the aura is in good condition, automatically and easily enough transforms any negative external field perturbations into positive ones, thus making them safe for humans.
Our contemporary is looking, first of all, for support and assistance on the Path of his / her development (aimed at self-transformation). And with properly organized co-operation with the Infotech Lab’s EMs they can get what they want in full.

Our motto is that a person can learn to do everything him- or herself, and our enio-modulators are reliable helpers along the way.

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