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The purpose of the enio-modulator Owl

The purpose of the enio-modulator “Owl”

No need to fight, you need to realize.
Struggle with oneself is the most pointless exercise
you can think of.
I. Medvedeva, "Learning from Water"

Enio-modulator Owl enhances the intensity and efficiency of the processes of self-awareness and mutual understanding in all aspects of human interaction with the outside world. And the most important thing in this process, in our view, is the fact that the EM Owl helps a person, first of all, to understand oneself, to realize one’s own value system and decision making criteria.

It is this awareness that allows to almost infinitely transform and expand one’s own model of the world, which helps in the long run, to easily learn (accept, understand) the model of the world of any other person, or even a social institution, which is in the sphere of one’s directed interaction. Specifically –​ “directed interaction” – as the expansion of one’s own model of the world increases the adaptive abilities of a person in such a way that thechance of accidental encounters, unfavorable, in the first place, is almost eliminated, as well as undesired contacts and meetings. "He who finds the true Way will not ever become a victim of a rhinoceros or a tiger, and will not die from a sword" – wise Lao Tzu said 25 centuries ago.

The main task of the enio-modulator Owl is to help its owner to look at the world and the people around him in a new way, while enhancing his/her own perception of the world; learn to make contact (interface) between the two models of the world, what in fact the two different people are; help remove the fear of being misunderstood and create theatmosphere of trust; after all, get a better understanding of oneself.

During interaction with the EM Owl the queen of the feelings – intuition – starts to manifest itself and increases, as well as the contact with one’s subconscious and Higher Self. As a result, a person starts to feel, sometimes unconsciously, how should he/she act in a particular situation, understand what is better for him/her at a given moment of all proposed by theworld options. A person begins to see positive things where before he/she saw only negative ones. Gradually the problems that at first seemed difficult to solve, find a solution.

People become aware of their own thinking patterns and behaviors that prevent them from moving forward, and gradually they get rid of them. The perception of the world also changes.

A person begins to pull people, it becomes much easier for him/her to find common language with them and build relations at all levels.

One begins to see and feel his/her personal value, at the same time, one learns to accept other people as they are, which is especially important for those who are prone to excessive touchiness. As if a person wakes up, realizing the pointlessness of hurts, envy and malice. One begins to appreciate and make the most of what he/she has.

There emerges a feeling: "I have everything in abundance and I can share it with pleasure". There is a growing belief in one’s potential and a growing power of intention to move towards one’s goal, to a higher level of life. A person gets rid of unreasonable anxiety and fears. There emerges a feeling: "I CAN". As a consequence, there emerges a feeling of gratitude and confidence in the world, expressed in the belief that there is always a solution to everything.

As a result, a person gets a very real prospect to finally stop being a slave to circumstances and start to live according to his/her own program, in accordance with his/her true calling.

We would like to mention from the very beginning though that the EM Owl won’t instantly resolve all the problems for us. Much will depend on the owner of the modulator. We would like to repeat once again that without conscious participation of a person in this process such remarkable results cannot be achieved. The main thing here is the desire to change the situation, the appropriate skills and knowledge, and by all means – patience!

At a given moment each person can get exactly what he/she is able to take from the interaction with the EM Owl. But every day this plank will rise higher and higher as readiness and openness of a person will increase.
The more a person is able to change his/her perception of the world, the more viable he/she is. But the rigid and narrow model of the world dramatically reduces the possibility of adaptation of any individual.


"Only the one who is ready, belittling and rejecting one’s self, to grow, learn and constantly change, is capable to infinitely climb up. And them who become adamant, callous and unforgiving, the forces of Heaven will overthrow in the Abyss" – Lao Tzu.

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