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Octopus – a protection appliance of new generation

“Octopus” – a protection appliance of new generation

Information and energy modulator “Octopus” is intended to protect humans from harmful effects of radiation coming from TVs, monitors, cell phones and other devices and systems of domestic and industrial electronics.

It is hard to imagine our life today without electronics, which surrounds us everywhere – both at home and at work. Therefore, we could not even speak about cell phones! You can find this “miracle” in every pocket and in every bag.

Unfortunately, this “clever and useful” technology with its radiation introduces significant distortions in the information and energy structure of the surrounding space, creating a so-called "field dirt". Permanent presence near such sources of “dirt” disturbs the information and energy exchange processes between the organism and the environment, resulting in a destroyed human biofield. As a consequence, we are feeling unwell, we are functioning below our normal abilities, we have disturbance of sleep, chronic fatigue, decreased protective and adaptive capacities of our organism, and deterioration of the quality of life in general. For example, biochemical studies of blood cells show that the quality of the cell membrane of only red blood cells gets worse almost twice just 15 minutes after starting to watch TV.

Nowadays we understand that it is unreal to suggest that people stop using TVs, computers, cell phones and other electronic pleasures of modern life. But we are obliged to protect ourselves and our children!

How shall we do this? Very simply, by placing the appliance “Octopus” on the surface of any electronic device. By doing this you put a reliable barrier that is preventing this elusive “field dirt” from penetrating the body. “Octopus” completely eliminates the pathogenic impact of electronics. As a result, the function of all body systems improves, which is confirmed by the research.

In addition, the “Octopus” eliminates an additional psycho-emotional stress that often occurs when watching TV – due to an aggressive presentation – as well as blocks the effects of improper methods and techniques of presenting information (the methods of NLP, “the 25-th frame effect”, etc.).

“Octopus” is produced in the form of adhesive application for permanent installation on a source of technical pathogenic field disturbance. The small size of the unit allows it to be located it even on very small models of mobile phones.

Feel secure with the modulator Octopus of the Infotech Lab!

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