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General Characteristics of the Infotech Modulators

General Characteristics and Distinguishing Features

of the Infotech Laboratorys Pictography Bio-Resonance

Energy and Information Fine Physical Fields Modulators Performance

It is no longer a secret that the world we live in is in the state of ecological disaster. There are many aspects to this problem. These are, first and foremost, polluted air, water, and soil, poisoned food products, ozone holes, extinction of certain species of flora and fauna and many other issues. Yet, there is another aspect rarely thought of in earnest this is dramatic, to be more exact, catastrophic deterioration of the environments energy and information parameters. This particular type of ecological disaster is commonly referred to as energy and information catastrophe, i.e. eniocatastrophe.

The peril of this phenomenon is aggravated by the fact that most of us fail to sense its destructive impact. Unfortunately, it is in human nature to consider unseen implicit danger not existing at all. Mentioning radiation is to the point here: although we are unable to perceive it, we are all well aware of what usually happens to those who have been to contaminated areas.

Lets take, for instance, people sitting in front of their TV screens. Do many of them feel some sort of discomfort? In fact, such people do exist, but the number of them is inconsiderable. Certain medical diagnostic methods realized on the basis of apparatus-program complexes such as AMSAT, Mediscreen, Varicard, RUNO and the like allow carrying out a simple experiment, that is, to measure certain parameters of human organism before a 20-to-30-minute TV session and right afterwards. If you compare these data, you will easily notice a considerable change for the worse.

Even the blood cell, particularly, its membrane, reacts to this impact. Therefore, despite the fact that the TV watcher does not seem to have any special negative sensations, destructive processes within his or her organism are still in operation. Little by little their negative effect accumulates and some time later it manifests itself first in a form of functional disorders and later in a form of pathological changes within the organism.

What does it threaten man with? Before answering this question lets regard the two main properties of living organisms.

The first essential characteristic of every living organism on the Earth, which is likely to be the basic one, is its ability for self-organization and self-recovery. This ability is, naturally, inherent in human organism, too. Certain controlling units of human organism are in charge of this ability. They cope with such problems with no control on the part of human consciousness.

Besides, any living organism is an open system, and, so, like any other open system, it possesses such a property as a mutual exchange with its habitat. Here we mean the so-called energy information & exchange level rather than the level of such physiological functions as consuming food, breathing and the like.

Therefore, the second most important property of human organism is the availability of energy and information exchange with the environment. That is, man is permanently exchanging energy and information with the ambient space. It is the quality of this exchange that controls human organisms adaptation to the changes in the surrounding world. It is a matter of common knowledge that the better human organism adapts to changes around it; the more successfully its functions of self-regulation and self-recovery are exercised. This is an indisputable law of every living things existence on our planet. Thus, the quality of an individuals life directly depends on his/her organisms ability to adapt.

* Researches of eniomodulators Breeze-3 and Breeze-7 influence on the parameters of metabolism of red corpuscles cell membranes were carried out in 1998 in the laboratory of cell adaptation under the advisory & diagnostic centre of the MB out-patients' clinic according to the procedure of Doctor of Biology V.V. Bankova. More information on the researches' results is available at the office of ROC KIT Club.

We should bear in mind that man is a complicated energy and information structure possessing a fine field body in addition to his physical body. Like the whole organism, each cell of it has its energy information constituent. All these constituents taken together make up what is commonly referred to as the human bio-field. It is this constituent of human organism that first suffers the environments impact and it must be the first to react to these changes and respond to them adequately. Thus, it is this fine energy information constituent that connects human organism with the whole Universe with some unseen threads. And its particular task is such an important function as maintaining human organisms energy and information exchange with the environment at a proper level.

The conclusion is quite evident: to exercise all the above-mentioned functions successfully our bio-field should, first of all, be healthy itself. But how can our bio-field stay healthy if it is permanently undergoing the destructive impact of the environment? Unfortunately, it is hardly possible. Seemingly, we have found ourselves in a magic circle with no way out. Yet, it is not exactly so. In fact, the solution to this problem does exist.

As it was mentioned above we live in the energy and information world where absolutely all the things are mutually interconnected. But can information be communicated to the objects it is intended for, without distortions, if the very structure of the ambient space is distorted, destroyed? There is only one answer to this question: certainly, not. But as soon as we manage to harmonize the ambient space (at least relatively) the disturbed information links start restoring. As a result, proper conditions for positive changes within human organism are created at all the levels: information links both, external (man-environment) and internal (within the human organism), get restored down to the cell level. Consequently, all our field structures get restored and put in order. Thereproceeds a sort of bilateral mutually dependent process. On the one hand, the disturbed field structure around us gets restored energy and information exchange between the organism and the environment gets restored our bio-field gets restored. On the other hand, our bio-field gets restored energy and information exchange gets restored. Thus, these two interconnected processes permanently support each other. Gradually, all the links in the Man energy and information system get normalized and the organism starts functioning correctly without imbalance or fails like a well-adjusted computer. What is the outcome?

We observe positive changes in our life. This concerns all aspects of our life both, physical and psycho-emotional, and even social state. Some people may find this picture too ideal and even unreal because of it. So what? It may seem unreal at the first sight. But, still, isnt it worth trying? It really is, especially as there are certain methods. How exactly can one do it? We are to discuss it now.

So, the question we are to answer is what should we do to protect and restore our bio-field and what is the way to normalize our energy & information exchange? This can be done in many ways. The mankind has been using this knowledge for many centuries. In the main, various spiritual practices are effective and help to achieve the desired result. It is worth noting that this Way is hard to follow, it requires great perseverance, takes a long time, and is destined for very few representatives of the human race. It is most likely, that at present this approach is not quite the right one to give a material result and help us make a tangible spurt towards our self-development.

The advent of new technologies, the products of which are various devices based on the principle of symbolic matrixes, makes it possible to approach this problem in a different and more effective way. These matrixes are capable of putting in order (structuring, harmonizing) the ambient space, including our fine field structures. These technologies perfectly suit contemporary people most of which hardly believe in anything. As the products of these technologies differ radically from all other existing methods of changing one's state in the world of today. They operate under any circumstances regardless whether you believe in them or not! Besides, they are available to everybody who is willing to use them.

At the same time, the one who comes to understand what great opportunities these devices provide, will get a good assistant for his/her further self-improvement, for a greater releasing and realising one's creative potential, for broader consciousness, and spiritual self-perfection.
The faster organisms' controlling structures react to outer irritants, improving organisms' work to the state of norm and not letting "overwork", the better such basic characteristics of human organisms as self-organisation and self-recovery will get realized. Ancient healers did not say in vain: "Don't hinder organisms from curing themselves."

Pictography (symbolic) bio-resonance energy and information modulators of fine physical fields, developed by the Infotech laboratory, briefly called eniomodulators, just belong to the range of such devices, which create favorable conditions for restoring the effective energy and information exchange between human organism and the environment. They achieve this effect by harmonizing the structures of both, the surrounding space and the persons bio-field. As a result, all energy and information processes proceeding within human organism at different levels get normalized, and, so, its ability for adaptation improves that is deemed to be a key condition for improving the quality of every persons life in the modern world.

Every man is a unique energy & information system. As there are no two people with identical fingerprints, similarly there are no two people with an identical energy & information structure. Besides, the processes of energy & information interaction at all levels of the system Man the Universe are strikingly scantily explored, firstly, due to their utter complexity, secondly, due to the fact that they were not spoken of publicly until recently.

Minding the considered above, it becomes quite clear that today it is hardly possible to work out a unified approach to bringing all people into a healthy state. The universal panacea has not been found so far and is unlikely to be found in near future. That is why the problem must only be solved with regard for individual features and needs of each particular organism. And who knows better what mans organism needs than the organism itself? Nobody does. Humanorganism is the best expert as far as its needs are concerned. And here are no more indispensable helpers than our eniomodulators. Being a kind of oscillatory circuit, they modify characteristics of fine physical fields of the environment so as to create favorable energy and information conditions close to natural ones. As a result, the person is provided with normal field supply, that he/she lacks so badly in the contemporary world.

Therefore, eniomodulators help to create conditions under which human organism obtains access to the resources of the universe that, for some reason or other, was denied to him, and, so, the organism was unable to use them for its own needs. Thus, we see that human organism is, in a sense, deprived of its vested share, for not all the resources of the ambient space are available for it. Preceptor Michael Einwachov once said that the man of today resembles a person standing in water up to his neck and crying, I am thirsty! while all he needs is to look down, open his mouth, and quench his thirst. The same happens to us living in the world that provides all we need for our happiness, good health, and well-being, we still fail to take all the given opportunities. But as soon as we gain access to extra resources of the ambient space, we immediately gain access to extra opportunities as well. In other words, we obtain the influx of extra Vital Force, which can hardly be called unnecessary under the present day tough conditions. And then, the controlling units of each particular organism will decide for themselves what is worth taking from the environment and what is not! And they will, sure, take the very things that are of urgent need for this particular organism.

Thus, the Infotech laboratorys eniomodulators can be regarded as the means of energy and information security for the development of the individual as an integral system in the organic unity with the planets biosphere and in conformity with the laws of the harmony of the Universe.

Eniomodulators are divided into two classes modulators of Breeze class and modulators of KIT-4 class.

General Properties of Eniomodulators.

All eniomodulators have certain common properties. They are primarily intended:

to put to rights (to structure & harmonize) the structure of our ambient space destroyed as a result of various kinds of pathogenic emanations (man caused, geo-, and sociopathogenic);
to create comfortable conditions for mans bio-field, close to natural ones;
to restore mans bio-field and provide him with normal field supply;
to normalize the energy & information exchange of mans organism with the environment.

When these problems are solved successfully, the managing structures of organisms manage to solve many of our problems on their own, both at the physical level (health) and at psycho-emotional and even social. Sometimes we witness events that look like miracles. All of a sudden families that kept being at a permanent local war started to have a normal psychological climate. People begin treating each other differently, children study better, and some persons give up smoking or drinking. Occasionally, even violent neighbors grow calmer despite their having no modulators at all.

The mentioned functions of modulators switch on automatically on detecting practically any pathogenic impact: man caused and geopathogenic field disturbances, unapproved attempts to penetrate into ones bio-field, bio-energetic dirt, etc. The parameters of the outer energy flow change from minus to plus within some seconds. As a result, our bio-field becomes secured from the environment, that already saves the precious bio-energy of our organisms, which can be now used for self-regulation and restoring of all organs and systems of human organism but not for permanent protection and mending holes in ones bio-field. All the processes of restructuring and recovery go on under tight control of human organisms own managing systems.

Such an interaction of man and eniomodulators does not only enforces his/her immunity and adaptation abilities all the organism switches to a new working regime, with all its physiological and psychic abilities growing considerably, and work optimization of all systems going on at the cell level, according to our numerous researches.

In case a person tackles this interaction knowingly, he/she will get an opportunity to gradually get rid even of chronic diseases. But it requires, even when possessing a modulator, mans persistent and purposeful work on himself.

Distinguishing Features of Eniomodulators.

Wed like to remind you again that all eniomodulators of the Infotech Laboratory are links of the same chain. They are all involved into the same information network, so elaboration of new models and modifications undoubtedly widens functional abilities and increases the work efficiency of the earlier modifications.

But despite it, there are certain peculiarities of working with modulators, being aware of which one can make more considerable progress within a shorter period of time. This information is provided in the section headed Secrets of Working with Breezes.

One should understand that our eniomodulators are not tablets, or moreover, panacea, and the therapeutic effect found in people using them is a result of involving their organisms reserves aimed at self-recovery.

If modulators are recommended to people suffering from serious chronic diseases, one should remember that in such cases they could only be used as assistants to traditional medicament therapy.
Eniomodulators of the Breeze class.


This is our first and most universal device, for which mans problems have no priorities it just evenly and gradually helps organisms restructure providing optimum conditions for its recovery and removing in the process of restructure some gradually emerging psychosomatic and energy problems. The algorithm of restructuring is determined in each concrete case by managing structures of organisms themselves.


An own brother of Breeze-3 that in the process of restructure pays most attention to solving problems of human body on the basis of balancing the internal energy & information exchange and coordination of processes in ethereal and physical bodies. These may be problems of various kinds from trifle skin wounds to serious chronic problems.

Breeze-4 provides milder conditions for organisms restructuring in comparison with Breeze-3, so it is particularly recommended to elderly people or people suffering from serious chronic diseases in order to prevent exacerbation.

Being aware of such a property of Breeze-4 as healing wounds, many people use it after being operated on for cicatrisation of sutures.
Both Breeze-3 and Breeze-4 have given good accounts of themselves when working with non-malignant growths, such as lipomas, myomas, and even fibromas. The devices have produced excellent results in gynecology even improving the state of those suffering from endometriosis, which is considered to be incurable on the whole. Besides, Breeze-4 has proved to be very efficient for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, disease of ischemia, high blood pressure, etc. (see methodic recommendations of Voronezh Academy n. a. Burdenko).

Fakel (Torch)

An analogue of Breeze-3 paying particular attention to establishing order in mental sphere, primarily, in man' unconscious activity. First of all, here we speak about dealing with stereotypes worked out by man during his life under society's influence. The list of stereotypes may include anything - from directives and behavioral reactions that he himself considers to be wrong but cannot get rid of them, for instance pernicious habits, to any kinds of phobia. This list includes such things as alcohol abusing, smoking and even deeper processes often hidden at the subconscious level.

It's very important to emphasize that working with "pernicious habits" implies a great wish of the person himself/herself to get rid of a certain habit. In this case only, one can expect a really serious result. We recommend first providing such a person with information and then, relying on the person's agreement, to purchase a modulator for him/her. It mainly regards such habits as alcohol and drug abusing as well as smoking.

In general, certainly, in all cases the result will be more significant and achieved sooner if a person handles a certain problem knowingly. Yet, it is not always possible to understand oneself, one's own problem, to bring it to the level of consciousness. In such cases man's managing structures using Fakel's (Torch's) opportunities can independently, i.e. without man's conscious request, start working in order to get rid of what they consider necessary to get rid of. But even then the final decision is up to the person him/herself, as he/she will be provided with an opportunity to make conclusions and either to complete the process or not.

Nimfa (Nymph)

A modification of Breeze-3 that is to help and establish order firstly in emotional sphere, including uncontrollable psycho-emotional processes. Besides, Nimfa (Nymph) more evidently in comparison with other modulators protects from foreign energy people using directly their hands when working with their patients or clients. No doubt, it firstly concerns people of such professions as massagers, but not only. They can be hairdressers and barbers, doctors, psychologists, as well as people involved in retail trade (transferring information with goods), in short - all those interacting with a great number of people.

Nimfa (Nymph) has a very important ability - rapid balancing of the "Yīn side" of the inner energy exchange. It is especially actual for contemporary women, as contemporary women in particular often have unbalanced the energy flows that in the Oriental terminology are called "Yīn and Yáng". And this breach of balance tends more often to go in the "Yáng" direction, considering to be male energy, and as we live in the world of energy & information links, the opposite sex (men) sense this alien to them, not female, energy. It happens unconsciously, at the energy & information level and results in having no positive relations with the opposite sex, however attractive such a girl or a woman looks.

What happens when these two energy flows get balanced in a person? First of all, his/her attitude to him/herself changes. The person starts accepting him/herself such as he/she is. Everybody is sure to have heard the phrase "fall in love with yourself!" many times. But too many people know how difficult it is! There exist numerous methods and techniques teaching how to do it, but One finds that something is wrong with him/her, and something else seems to be wrong, too! It particularly concerns women. But if a person does not love himself, how can he/she expect others to fall in love with him/her?

So, a person has accepted him/herself and thus he/she is on his/her way to accepting the surrounding world including the opposite sex. As a result, he/she starts perceiving him/herself differently - less suspiciously and aggressively, more peacefully, trying to understand all surrounding him/her. And the world responds to all these changes inside a person without fail, turning to it with its new sides, providing him/her with new opportunities.

We can see how other people's attitude to such a person changes gradually. Social conflicts often get settled peacefully; relationships get better; people working with a great number of patients and clients do not feel exhausted at the end of their working day; the problem of solitude gets solved, as well as many others. Certainly, every person experiences it differently, in different time (as we have said, there are no two identical people), but does experience. Here one has to arm him/herself with patience, to become an observer for him/herself not hindering the undergoing processes with his/her impatience, but on the opposite - helping them.

As a matter of fact, this happens when one interacts with any of our devices, but it is more obvious in the case of Nimfa (Nymph).
Larrge Wall Nimfa (Nymph) is another modification of Nymph-type devices. It harmonizes ambient space, creates conditions for the development of favourable psychological atmosphere within a collective body (the field of love), helps to remove tension, negative emotions, and aggressiveness, balances the complex body-mind-spirit, causes favourable changes at the level of a physical body etc.


Tigris contributes to man's harmonious uniting with nature, which is always actual, particularly in big cities. It works quite well in removing fine field anomalies in ambient space, in particular it neutralizes the impact of geopathogenic zones on man (see the article "Geopathogenic Zones and Tigris"), helping man to interact more harmoniously with the energy of the Earth. Moreover, Tigris removes geopathogenic burden from man's field structures, that he acquired having once visiting geopathogenic zones. The matter is that if a person happened to be in a geopathogenic zone long enough, the so-called geopathogenic burden gets accumulated in his/her energy & information structures and continues its detrimental influence on his/her organism. It causes troubles at the physical level connected in particular with the work of low energy centre, though man as a mediator of fine fields of both the Earth and the Universe must be able to interact equally well with both energies. That's why restoration of normal information interaction along these channels harmonizes many processes at the physical level.

Tigris is very good in active transference (a change of one's place of residence, travelling, visiting new places). In general it helps to adapt to changes in energy & information environment very soon. It's worth noting that Tigris is a device providing such conditions that let organisms' restructuring go on mildly enough, without aggravation.

At present two modifications of the Tigris eniomodulators are in production: an individual, i.e. for one-man use at a time, and in the form of a picture for working with the energy & information environment of living quarters or non-residential premises.

Kentavr (Centaur)

A modification of Breeze-3 with a distinctly pronounced task of balancing man's energy system in general. With the help to Kentavr (Centaur) man's managing structures begin firstly put to rights the energy centre (chakra) that is most unbalanced. If the energy centre has a hyperfunction, the work will go in the direction of weakening, if it has a hypofunction - it'll develop strengthening. Naturally, work is not carried out with one centre only, it involves man's whole energy system, which results in its balancing; it only starts with the very centre that is in the worst condition.

That's why those interacting with Kentavr (Centaur) react to it quite differently. It only means that people's energy systems are unbalanced in a different way.

Besides, Kentavr (Centaur) helps man adapt himself faster to the new environment when he changes his place of residence or a time zone, etc.


This modulator can be compared with Breeze-3 in the sense of its similarly making no priority for problems, yet Svyatogor works with high intensity in all directions. That's why the results of interaction with this device can be more significant (when compared with Breeze-3) in all directions, including those concerning organisms' restructuring. If a person interacting with Svyatogor does not feel comfortable, it is very likely that the process of restructuring is developing too actively. In this case one should either influence this process knowingly, trying to lessen its intensity (a request pronounced aloud or in one's mind more details in the material "Secrets of Working with "Breezes") or work with it in doses, i.e. not wearing it permanently but with certain time intervals.

Interacting with Svyatogor, a person acquires a good opportunity "to find him/herself" and "to obtain the fullness of his/her virtues".


Primarily designed for people with highly developed intuition and supersensitive perception, as it helps man correctly estimate his plans at the level of intuition, as well as inner aspirations and completed actions. Hierophant can be said to strengthen mans own channels or, in other words, helps initiate ones own inner Preceptor.

Yet, if man despite the tips obtained with the help of Hierophant at his intuitive level, does not follow them, the modulator seemingly switches off letting the student suffer from his own faults", i.e. get a lesson from his own experience.


Pilot promotes higher concentration of attention, helps in setting priorities, provides higher capacity for work and greater physical endurance, helps in decision making in the state of emergency, and gives a helping hand at the physical level.


KITs pay particular attention to putting to order the environment nearest to their owners cleaning it from field dirt, structuring and harmonizing it, as well as normalizing mans bio-field. Unlike Breezes, KITs do not practically intrude into the energy & information processes going on in mans organism.

The effect from using KITs is based on their creating a comfortable information & energy environment. This merit only saves organisms resources, which stop being spent on protecting from outside aggression, thus starting to be at mans disposal. The saved resources are directed to managing physiological processes and behavioral reactions. Understanding this and conscious attitude to such an interaction accelerates the process of individuals harmonizing. Changing inner guiding lines and behavioral reactions in its turn promotes the process of balancing energetic channels and gradual improving of human organisms energy & information exchange at all levels that results in activating adaptation processes.

KITs are relatively soft devices as they only provide such regimes of mans restructuring and development that stay within the zone of comfort and safety. Taking into account the mentioned above, KITs are recommended to children that cannot choose a modulator knowingly due to their small age, to pregnant women (to provide conditions for the childs even development without outside interference), as well as to people with poor health (in particular, with problems in their cardiovascular systems).

Eniomodulator KIT4 is produced in three modifications:

1. "pink" for those having problems in interpersonal communications;

2. "yellow" for those who work with large volumes of information, for normalizing the channels of information interaction.

***Here you have to be sensible when handling the problem. Suppose, a child is far from being an A-class student, still, it does not mean that he/she needs an information KIT. You should first understand the true reason of his poor progress.

3. "blue" this KIT is considered to be a general restorative means.
All the three modifications have the properties described above.
In conclusion we'd like to remind you the words of the great Chinese sage Lao Tzu:

"Calming down your mind you'll acquire clarity of your spirit.

Keeping your goal in mind be patient.

As changes make something that does not come at once,it comes gradually, on its own."
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