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Energy - Modulator Tigris and geopathic zones

Energy - Modulator Tigris and geopathic zones

Today people write and speak about geopathic zones (GPZ) quite a lot. The negative impact of GPZ on humans is well-known. However, with all the abundance of “published works” on the subject, in our view, there is still no adequate description of neither the nature of the phenomenon itself, nor the consequences of its impact on the environment and humans. Nevertheless, there are more and more information in the press that many diseases, particularly cancer, are directly related to the influence of geopathic zones.

Unfortunately, a modern man can not always avoid contact with geopathogenic zones. If, for example, a GPZ passes through the bedroom which size is so small that you could not even rearrange the bed, then people will – like it or not – become hostage to this situation.

Today there are many proposals for the protection from the influence of geopathic zones. They mostly use the words such as “deflect” and “redirect”. In our view, such an approach to the problem is fundamentally wrong, if for no other reason than it is unethical. After all, we are not able to trace all the effects of deflection of GPZ energy flow in the chosen by a person of his/her own selfish reasons direction. Therefore we should find such an approach to interact with the GPZ that would be consistent with the laws of cosmic harmony.

The only ethically correct way to interact with such specific energy flow is to create conditions that would facilitate the transformation of the pathogenic spectrum of this energy (as the ancient alchemists would say, the transmutation of it) in a direction that returns to this energy the ability to do good.

The Infotech Laboratory Ltd. (Russia, Moscow) created a special device that exactly meets this requirement. It is called – energy-information modulator Tigris, a wall version.

The wall Tigris is designed to work with the space of various premises, where there is the influence of geopathic zones. As a result of its work, the flow of energy of GPZ loses its pathogenic properties, which neutralizes its damaging impact on the environment and humans.

The effective working range of the wall Tigris is up to 15-20 m within the city.

The research conducted by the ClubKIT and the Infotech Lab, including the Foll’s method, confirm the effectiveness of this eniomodulator (EM) to remove geopathic load on the human body.

In addition, EM Tigris (wall version) has another extremely useful feature. It “cleans” the space of the premises from the so-called “electromagnetic dirt” created by electronic equipment. It is especially useful where people are surrounded by a large number of electrical appliances.

The wall-mount Tigris looks like an A4 photograph depicting various landscapes, executed in the frame. Its working part in the form of the pictorial scheme is located under the photo. If necessary, you can hang a few EM Tigris on the walls of the room, where there is the influence of the GPZ, or place them in a certain way along the perimeter.

In addition to the wall Tigris, the Infotech Lab produces yet another modification of this eniomodulator – an individual Tigris. This version of the EM Tigris is designed to work with a specific person. It is worn close to the body, in the solar plexus, or in another place (pocket, for example).

Man, like the conductor of energies of the Earth and the Outer Space, should be able to interact equally well with both flows. Tidying up the metabolic processes along these most important for us channels, creates the conditions for the proper redistribution of energy in the body, which is the key to good health in all its aspects.

EM Tigris, both the wall and the individual ones, are especially important for a person living in the metropolis, where his/her connection with nature is strongly broken. Tigris greatly soothes this situation, but it does not mean that a person does not need contact with living nature. Of course, nothing can substitute the fresh air, murmur of leaves or the song of a brook.

The article "TIGRIS and geopathic zones"

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