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Energy Modulator BRIZ-7



Bioresonance Symbolic Information Energy Modulator (for short, the eniomodulator) Briz-7 is a multi-purpose device. First of all, it is intended for detoxication of foodstuffs, i.e. partial removal of such toxins as nitrates, nitrites, salts of heavy metals, etc.. Likewise, it provides information energy treatment ("purging") of virtually all articles used in the everyday life: money, clothes, medicines, cosmetics, detergents, etc.

One of the basic features of the eniomodulator Briz-7 is its capacity to restore the structure of information energy component of space affected by various pathogenic emissions. Range of operation in this case may reach 20 m. This distinctive feature itself could provide comfort information energy environment for a human body, wherein, firstly, its field structure (biofield) can be restored, and, secondly, its control structures are relieved from being in the state of permanent protection against outside aggression factors so they could return to their primary task, that is to say, body self-regeneration. As a result, information energy exchange of the human body with the environment is restored as well, which is critical for physical and psychoemotional well-being.

Consequently, in families or employees where Briz-7 is used, psychoemotional environment has been reported to significantly improve as people became more relaxed, equitable and sociable wishing to avoid potential conflicts, but where such situations still arise they could be managed in a civilized manner.

Authors of the eniomodulators place special emphasis on checking and control of Briz-7 operation. A number of experts have conducted numerous physical, chemical, medical and biological studies.

To date, conventional methods as well as the potential of bioresonance medicine have been used.

Physical and chemical studies conducted by different organizations have reported not only modification of chemical composition of foods and beverages but also changes in structure and characteristics of liquid-crystal water. Results of the studies can be accessed at the central office of the club in Moscow or at our web site.

In line with this, of special interest are blood tests according to the cell adaptation estimation methods conducted by V.V. Bankova, Doctor of Biology. While skipping the essence of the method, let us know consider the specific results of this study and conclusions that can be inferred thereon.

Eniomodulator Briz-7:

- features high biological potency both in vitro (in a human body) and in vivo (in a test tube), which can be manifested by the material change in the parameters of membrane (phospholipidic) metabolism.

- is capable of purging the erythrocytes from toxins while reducing the cellular membrane viscosity and lowering malonic aldehyde level in it;

- facilitates lipid peroxidation and improves the cellular adaptation mechanism that stimulates cell activity and promotes human health.

!!! From the above reasoning we can argue that following the material improvement of the phospholipidic metabolism processes in a cellular membrane of erythrocytes favorable conditions are created for the efficient dynamic self-regeneration of the body.

Eniomodulators Briz-7 can be employed in the following cases:

- for detoxication of the foodstuffs; in patients suffering from allergy for specified foodstuffs;
- for harmonization of information energy component of our environment;
- for revitalization of human fine field structures (biofield) and normalization of information energy exchange of the body.
- for reinstatement of information exchange on human-environment level;
- for structuring water, whereby water with pre-determined properties can be produced using Briz 7;
- for the dramatic shortening of the periods required for self-regeneration of the body during the periods of infectious disease and thereafter, as well as under extreme loads.
- for relieving the pain syndrome with various musculoskeletal disturbances;
- for patients suffering from varicose dilation;
- for controlling pharmacological intoxication caused by the medicines taken (medicine "purging" with Briz-7)
- for the dramatic shortening of post-surgical and posttraumatic rehabilitation periods;
- for stabilization of psychoemotional state and sleep normalization in patients;
- for patients with a chronic fatigue syndrome;
- for faster germination (seeds, sprouts);
- for the provision of comfort environment for plants favorable for their growth and appearance;

Briz-7 is designed as a board capable of placing foodstuffs and any domestic articles as discussed earlier.

Recommendations for Use of Eniomodulator Briz-7

1. For intoxication of the purchased foodstuffs, it is recommended to place them onto Briz-7 and expose for 15-20 minutes. If you experience some problems with foodstuffs for your pets (cats, dogs), after the food is exposed to Briz-7 most of these problems will be eliminated. Following that, even if your pet refuses any food, this produce must be definitely abandoned. Drinking water for your pets must be placed onto Briz-7 as well.

Attention! If you any of your foodstuffs is intended for a long-term storage, it is recommended to place them onto Briz-7 for 5-10 minutes before immediate use. To structure water it should be placed in a vessel onto Briz-7 for 15-20 minute.

If somebody is suffering from the alimentary allergy these produce should be pre-conditioned with Briz-7 in 30 minutes. In the beginning even foodstuffs pre-conditioned with the modulator must be given to the patient with care. Following that, if you are quite sure there is no adverse response of the body to these foodstuffs you can increase the portion.
As is sometimes the case, the situation with allergy that seems to have been successfully cured in early childhood is simply underestimated – the disease turns to a latent form. After having been exposed to Briz-7 and previously active allergen, a child can experience skin rash that, however, makes absolutely no trouble for him. No use worrying, indeed. The child has to simply keep in touch with the modulator two or three times a day during 5-10 minutes, so the process will gradually fade away (a case history confirms it's true). It should be understood that, unfortunately, medication often turns the disease to a latent form, therefore so called flare-up is simply a good sign indicating that "the abscess is opened" and absolute recovery is quite probable. In this context, care should be taken not to cause extreme exacerbation that would be hard to endure.
If alimentary allergy is most evident, such patient should be given meals from a plate placed directly onto Briz-7.

The patient can also set up a specific "mental program" for digestion of these foodstuffs and his convalescence (See clause 3 – recommendations for handling water).

2. For normalization of information energy space in the room where we stay, the presence of Briz-7 itself is quite enough. If you suspect a specific room to have a pronounced ill effect simply move Briz-7 there for a while. If you have geopathogenic areas please remember using such eniomodulator as Tigris (modification 2, designed as a picture) that efficiently harmonizes the living space.

3. For the recovery of a human's biofield and balancing energy exchange of the body it is desirable to hold Briz-7 a while against the body on the solar plexus level (bearing in mind the recommendations set forth in clause 4). Standing on the Briz-7 for 10-15 minutes should be very useful as doing so causes energy to distribute evenly along the main energy trunk coincident with the backbone. As this takes place, it is preferable to stay relaxed or even somewhat meditated, so nothing could distract you from the process. Please remember a "mental program" to set up at this time.

If you find the immediate contact with Briz-7 to be excessive, the presence of the modulator in your room as such would be enough to begin with. Harmonization of information energy structure of the room will result in recovery of your biofield and balancing energy channels.

In case of hypersensitivity of the human body, you are recommended to expose to Briz-7 your hands only. Put your hands onto the modulator, sit quiet for 5-10 minutes and simply think about what specific results you wish to attain using Briz-7. Stay relaxed and concentrated on the process.
4. All the forms of interaction with Briz-7 are aimed at the recovery of the information energy exchange on human-environment level and stabilization of psychoemotional state of the body.

5. Water structuring requires a vessel filled with water be placed onto Briz-7 for at least 15-20 minutes. If a person has no experience as to purging the body from toxins or otherwise, drinking plenty of Briz-7 structured water is not recommended because this water has pronounced purging properties and may cause kidney overload resulted from the initiated active purging process. Persons like this are recommended to drink Briz-7 treated water two times a week maximum using 50-70 ml portions with salt added at the tip of the knife. Water should be ingested in the morning before a meal or in the evening before sleep at least 2 hours after a meal.

Water with pre-determined properties can be produced using Briz-7. To this end, a special program should be applied to water. For this purpose, a mental program should be clearly set up according to the specific procedure (as described in special literature). The program can be launched mentally in the form of request by placing your hands onto Briz-7 or on a vessel filled with water; this condition should last minimum 5 minutes. Nothing should distract you, you have to stay relaxed or almost meditated. No thoughts in your head except for your mental program. If you find it difficult to turn your mind to a single idea, then simply pronounce it several times. To achieve tangible results while handling this problem you should treat water in this manner on a regular basis.

6. When using Briz-7 in case of any infectious diseases (gastrointestinal intoxication, pneumonia, cold, etc.) Briz-7 should be projected onto a tender spot: either lie down on the device with the problem area facing downwards, or place the device itself on the body. Anyway, you shouldn't ignore the traditional therapeutic methods. To be sure, Briz-7 will facilitate your convalescence, but even so, it should be used as supplementary aids only when using the traditional therapeutic methods. However, quick positive effects have been observed in patients with intoxication, bronchitis and pneumonia without any medication as such.

When using Briz-7 please remember to help your pets - cats and dogs. If your pet experiences some problems with its health, attempt to cause the pet to lie down or sleep on the modulator not avoiding traditional therapy as well. Being exposed to Briz-7, the pet is able to restores itself more efficiently after traumas, injuries, etc. Even some "resuscitation" effects in virtually dead animals (after the trauma or injury) have been reported. To be sure, injuries do differ. Thus, a cat died after it had fallen down from the fifth storey notwithstanding being timely operated (there must have been internal hemorrhage overlooked by the surgeons). Briz-7 did its best. Even though a miraculous healing is still impossible, the animal had been suffering less while laying down on the modulator.

7. To relieve the pain syndrome with various musculoskeletal disturbances, in particular, the backbone, the modulator should simply be placed under a tender spot for a while. We call this procedure the energy massage because the influence occurs on information energy level. Duration of the procedure is subject to the patient's state. If a person experiences serious physical problems and practices no purging methods, Briz-7 should be used gradually, i.e. by administering procedures lasting 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. Otherwise an active process of toxin clearance may easily occur, which might cause exacerbation. Should this eventually happen, Briz-7 interaction time must be reduced accordingly. In some cases, the presence in the living room of Briz-7 itself is quite enough for health resumption.

Briz-7 can be placed under a bed for overnight procedure, so lying down on the modulator can be easily avoided because it is not comfortable enough.
Warning! First 3-4 weeks Briz-7 should be used gradually, while longer procedure times may be recommended thereafter.

8. Patients suffering from varicose dilation in legs are recommended to rest their feet onto Briz 7. This may cause some pain manifested by leg twitching, however this is not inevitable. You only have to endure the pain for a while, if possible. The procedure needs to be repeated on a regular basis subject to your state of health. Even some cases of healing trophic ulcers have been reported to date. Anyway, you just don't have to abandon the conventional therapeutic methods, special ointments, etc.

9. For intoxication of medicines ("medicine purging" with Briz-7) these should be placed onto Briz-7 and set up a specific mental program for their intoxication towards your body, which will help to reduce the risk and influence of unwanted side effects and enhance useful therapeutic effects. To do so, rest your hands onto either Briz-7 or medicines and keep them exposed in this manner for 3-5 minutes while maintaining your mental program. Please try to keep concentrated and relaxed.

10. For the dramatic shortening of post-surgical and posttraumatic rehabilitation periods, especially as with traumas of musculoskeletal system – please see recommendations for use of Briz-7 set forth in clause 4.
It should be mentioned that in some cases interaction with Briz-7 results in significant decline of trauma concomitant pathemae. Likewise, fracture repair and other healing processes are dramatically accelerated.

11. For faster germination, seeds or sprouts should be exposed to Briz-7 for a while. You can also treat potatoes in a similar manner to facilitate their greensprouting.

*** A very interesting occasion is reported: a trivial carnation was presented to a woman celebrating the International Women's Day (8th of March). The carnation was set in the water that had been exposed to Briz-7 for a while – to the housewife's great surprise this ordinary carnation shot a lateral sprout with the bud in it!

To ensure better growth and glorification of domestic plants it is recommended to pour them with water that was exposed to Briz-7.

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